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David Ashpool has over thirty years of dog handling and training experience.

Trained originally by the RAF as a Drug dog handler for the Royal Navy, he then went on to handle explosive detection dogs for his police force and to both handle and train general purpose dogs for the same force.

Dave in Action
with TD


Dave in Action
with Riley




Training and competing in Working Trials with his own dogs. David is a Charter Member Institute Animal Care and Education, Corporate Member British Institute Professional Dog Trainers. He is also a member of National Association of Security Dog Users.

Pet Dog Training

  • Pet Dog training classes
  • Private pet dog training lessons
  • Agility training
  • Working trial training
  • Show Obedience training
  • Puppy socialisation training
  • For ALL levels of experience

ACT specialise in helping those dogs with behavioural problems. Canine consultant for dogs with problems - studied under the late John Fisher at CSI. Dog Psychology Credit Pass.

We also provide training for the National Code for the B.I.P.D.T. at Bronze, Silver, and Gold award levels.

We offer training in the evenings and on Saturdays by arrangement and now training all day on Sundays from 11am - 4pm.

PLEASE NOTE: We use no punishment training - only kind and sympathetic, made enjoyable, informative and progressive.

Professional training is not expensive and should benefit your dog in the long run.


Specialist Detection Dogs

Search and Rescue Dog Training Years of hands on experience gives ACT the edge in training dogs and handlers, if required, for this highly skilled and demanding discipline. Attention is given to every detail as the dogs are used to save lives. Nothing is left to chance, from the selection of the breed of dog, the ground work to ensure obedience to the simulated missing person training.

All aspects of handler training can also be covered from basic dog handling skills to the use of GPS.


General Purpose / Patrol Dogs

All aspects of this particular dog training is provided and all training is carried out to the highest standard. Dog and handler training or provision of dogs to qualified handlers

  • Obedience: on/off lead heelwork, sit, down and introduction to the stand
  • Distance control with verbal and hand commands.
  • Speak on command
  • Agility Property searching (retrievable and irretrievable articles)
  • Tracking: Grass and hard surface to a good initial standard
  • Man work: Chase, call back/stand off. Stick and gun attack
  • In respect of 'Person Searching', dogs can be trained to either the 'Bark and Hold' or Bite and Hold'

Travelling Cages for Hire

Rigid or collapsable cages available for hire. Contact us for prices or more details.

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