Self Catering Holidays in Caithness - Vacation Accommodation Near Thurso

Self Catering Holidays in Caithness - Vacation Accommodation Near Thurso

Caithness is located in the very north of Scotland and is the most northerly point on mainland Britain. It is an excellent destination with a variety of activities for everyone.

Thurso East & Thurso
There are many seasonal events in Caithness throughout the year. At Easter the Northern Nashville Country Musical Festival is on in Halkirk with a variety of country musicians from all over the globe. In summer, the Caithness County Show and Highland Games are highlights. There are many other local Galas and shows that bring the community together with entertainment for everyone to enjoy.
Dunnet Beach
Caithness also has world-class surfing locations. Brims Ness and Thurso East are among the top international surf locations. The world qualifying series has been held in Thurso several times. The waves are among the longest and hollowest in Europe making it a perfect location for surfers.
Freswick Beach and Castle
Caithness offers many opportunities to enjoy both sea angling and fresh water fishing. We have impressive 18 hole golf courses in both Thurso and nearby at Reay with stunning views of the Pentland Firth and Northern Atlantic.
Local Lamb
Caithness has a large historical background. It has a rich historical past with Viking and Norse influences, Neolithic and Mesolithic sites, and Bronze and Iron Age dwellings. Historical heritage is present all over Caithness with an array of locations and activities available including the Caithness Horizons visitor centre and the Camster Cairns.
Holborn Head
We have a wide variety of wildlife for you to experience in the local countryside and beaches. Caithness hosts a range of natural experiences and wonders. Discover the flow country, the rugged coastline and arable farmland. There are miles of unspoiled nature to explore on your journey around the Highlands.


Being situated beside the sea and having a large farming community, Caithness has an extensive larder of quality sea food and prime meats which can be sampled at award-winning restaurants such as Ackergill Tower, The Captain's Galley and Forss House Hotel.


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