Welcome to Mucky Pups
Dog Grooming Centre

The Mucky Pups Dog Grooming Centre at the Industrial Estate, Wick is open all year and offers an excellent service for very reasonable rates, plus free TLC with every trim.

A well groomed dog is a happy dog.

Aims of Mucky Pups

We aim to create the style of the breed or what the customer would like (as long as the dog is not too matted).

Dogs come in for the appointment - which is one on one - and then get picked up, so they are only on the premises between one and two hours thus making their stay as unstressed as possible.

If the dog is old, extra time can be allowed so everything is done at the dogs pace. A bathing service is provided for puppies so they get used to being groomed, but they are only in the shop a short while so they donít get bored. This service is extended to all breeds if the dog needs it between grooms.

Contact Us

Tel: 01955 603244 or 07422 665658
to book an appointment.

Opening Times:

8am to 6pm Tuesday to Friday
Monday's once a month
Saturday's 2 - 3 a month

This can vary from time to time when I have to open early
or work late. If I am closed, calls are on divert and
a message can be left. Calls will be returned a.s.a.p.

Email: muckypups@unicombox.com for more information





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