Memory Lane

If your dog has passed away then please email a photo and a story or poem
and we will add your dog to our memory lane.


This is about a dog called Luke
Who was a grumpy old coot
We called him the Victor Meldrew
Of the dog world
A reputation he truly upheld.

He was whimsical and smart
And he had everyone sussed from the start
Many a heart he did steal
And then bent them to his will.

And when he went to his aunty Linda
There he would want to linger,
for he was in total bliss
Because she did his every wish.

Off to Ascot for his holidays he did go
with lots of twirleys he did put on quite a show
Grandad took him for long walks around the race course
Thankfully he never ran into a horse.

So we would like to thank you
For the years of happiness
Which has not helped us miss you any the less
So now we all will cry
Because in the ground you now lie.

But slowly our hearts will mend
As we know we will meet again
You'll wait for us in the great beyond
Until then we wiill have our forever bond.

By Marion Brightwell


If Mindy could speak human words
This she would say
I loved life
I loved my walkes too.
A good groom I really enjoyed
But best of all I loved to drink,
as much alcohol as I could nick (hic hic).

I had a boy his name was Chris,
he was my pal.
I used to sleep under his bed
to make sure all was well.

I would protect my family to the end,
Because they were always my best friends,
and I will be sadly missed.
And like my owner I was always 9 parts list.

p.s. I lived til I was 19 years old
who says alcohol is bad for dogs.
(woooof hic) oops sorry!

(by Sally & Allan)


I had her from six weeks of age
and she was the best dog ever,
she came everywhere with me
and was my best friend,
she's the only dog I've ever let sleep on my bed,
she had the worst breath in the world
but everybody loved her!

There will never be another Bonny.



Our Loving Dog Sky

With love in her heart, and full of fun.
Sky was a dog that could win over anyone.
She would protect you from harm,
She also had cheek and charm.
She loved to chase rabbit and squrriels too.
Sky did not go far as she was frightened of losing you.
Sky was faithful, kind, courageous and true.
Sky loved her Dad best? but loved us all too.


(by Sally & Allan)


When Penny was a pup a game she would play,
As she got older on your lap she would lay.
Her best pass time was to chase cats and rabbits,
And she had one or two naughty habits.

Penny loved to travel in the car,
To also go on holidays afar.
She loved new areas, smells and things,
She also loved caravaning.

Penny just loved life.
We will both miss her.